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Computer Service & Repair

We bring computer service to your door in Sugar Land, Fort Bend County and the surrounding area. We have the best on-site, mobile computer technicians you will find.

Computer Security
There are many worms and viruses all across the Internet trying to spread by taking advantage of insecure computer systems. If you have a Cable Modem, you are a target. Call us today and we'll help you lock your system down tight.

Microsoft Windows
Is your computer running sluggishly? Are popup advertisements driving you nuts? Is your computer riddled with viruses? We can uninstall unwanted programs and give your Windows a tune up.

Computer Hardware
Does your computer need more memory? Is your hard drive full? Would you like to add a CD burner or network card? We can handle any hardware issue you have.

Did you buy a wireless networking system and can't make it work? Are you sure your wireless network is secure? Having trouble with a router? Don't have a network, but need one? We can build you a network from the ground up or repair and configure the one you have.

Windows Networking & Email
Have a small business and need a secure networking environment? Need help with your file server, mail server? We can handle any of your Windows network and server management tasks including Active Directory, Exchange Server and SQL Server.

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